Managing Your Weight Do Wonders to Your Health


Our weight can determine how healthy we are. Excess fats or a lack thereof can be detrimental to your bodily functions. For example, excessive fats in the body can cause heart diseases and metabolic syndrome, while a lack of fats in the body can cause hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance. In summary, there should be a balance of fats and muscles to keep you healthy.

If you have a loved one receiving hospice care, then you know that keeping track of their weight is important. When it comes to keeping them well physically, our physician services in Sugar Land can help.

At MyFamily Hospice LLC, your trusted provider of hospice services in Houston, we offer dietary counseling to help patients feel good and healthy. Our nutritionist will be there to work with your loved ones so they can receive the nutrients they need to improve their quality of life. Our registered dietitians will visit your loved one’s homes to assess their condition and identify what nutrients they need for their wellbeing.

Although hospice is provided to patients nearing their end of life, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be properly cared for nutrition-wise. It is the goal of hospice to enhance their comfort and health as long as necessary.

To help your loved one, we will create a nutritional plan that is appropriate to your health condition, consulting with their supervising nurse and physician. Our team will also ensure that meals are as healthy as possible.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for hospice services in Fort Bend and Houston that dedicate themselves to complete and professional care, then MyFamily Hospice LLC is the one to call.

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