The Impact of Activities of Senior’s Daily Living


Every day is not the same. Some days can be hectic, while others can be a bit mellow. Despite the various activities that are scattered throughout different days, there are activities that we perform every single day, almost to the point where they have become habits.

In the healthcare world, this is called ADLs or activities of daily living. Providing hospice services in Houston has taught us that individuals with debilitating health conditions often have trouble performing these activities. Why are these activities important?

  • Basic Living Needs
    For one, these activities help meet your basic needs. Bathing, grooming, and eating meals are some of the activities needed to preserve our quality of life. These activities prepare us for attending other functions of our lives, like going to work or school and performing errands. Hospice care services often help you with these ADLs when you have lost your ability to do so.
  • Improving Health and Wellness
    Of course, when your basic needs are met, the state of your health elevates. Performing ADLs help you improve many of your body functions. It also helps you avoid certain diseases and infections. Doing these activities supplement your overall wellness.
  • A Structured Day
    Performing these activities also gives structure to our day. With these activities, we become more productive throughout the day. These activities help us make the most out of our time.

Here at MyFamily Hospice LLC, we want to help you stay comfortable and productive despite the presence of your health conditions. Our hospice services in Fort Bend and Houston can help you live a better life.

We also provide therapy services in Rosenberg to improve your physical abilities. Call us today for your inquiries!

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