Essentials a Hospice Patient Needs in Their Room


When taking care of a loved one receiving hospice and palliative care, comfort comes first. Go above and beyond to relieve their pain and discomfort while they receive professional care at home. It is our duty to provide them with the support they require as they travel this path.

As your trusted provider of nursing services in Missouri City, we would like to offer some uncomplicated actions to make your loved one’s room favorable for treatment and care.

  • Keep their room tidy at all times.

    Accidents like falls are less likely if they keep their room tidy and orderly. Regularly change their sheets and remove any superfluous debris.

  • Keep more blankets on hand.

    Family members receiving palliative or hospice services in Fort Bend and Houston may have heightened feelings of discomfort, such as sensitivity to temperatures. Give them comfortable, warm blankets to help them feel better.

  • Cushions or positioning pillows are useful.

    Giving positioning pillows to a loved one who is confined to a bed will assist reduce pressure and stress.

  • Install a radio network for simple communication.

    Have a radio system on hand so your loved one may easily converse with the nurse.

  • Provide an over-the-bed table.

    This furniture will simplify life. Your loved one doesn’t need to get out of bed or sit in a chair to eat their favorite foods or take their medicines.

Aside from enhancing their range of motion, having these items in your loved one’s room demonstrates your genuine concern for their comfort and ease, as do medical equipment and general medical supplies.

Our compassionate services help families in need live each minute of life with a sense of purpose and release from suffering. MyFamily Hospice LLC is your amiable provider of hospice services in Houston.

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