Gone But Never Forgotten: To Dos When Mourning a Spouse


Losing a spouse changes your entire world. You might experience numbness, shock, and fear. The way you should feel is not governed by any regulations. There is no proper or improper way to grieve.

MyFamily Hospice LLC would like to tell you that it is okay and perfectly healthy to grieve. Our hospice services in Houston would like to show you ways how to cope healthily during these difficult times for you.

  • Find a support system.
    Family and sympathetic friends can be excellent sources of support. They are also experiencing grief, therefore some people find that talking about their memories can be therapeutic. Feel free to tell tales about the deceased.
  • Grief counseling helps.
    Enlisting the help of bereavement counseling in Houston provides you with professional advice and support in times of grief. Regular talk therapy with a grief counselor or therapist can help people learn to accept death and, in time, start a new life.
  • Take care of yourself.
    Eat healthily. Engage in physical activities. Communicate and spend time with those you love the most. Take a rest. See your doctor for regular physicals.
  • Get your affairs in order.
    Aside from going through your loved one’s personal items for donation or safekeeping, make sure to get your own affairs in order. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Our hospice team can help with advanced care planning should you need it.

Dealing with a loss is never easy. Don’t think that you’re alone in this journey because there are people around you who are willing to support you.

For quality bereavement counseling and hospice services in Fort Bend and Houston, call 713-271-0095.

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